Warm Vanilla Custard - Wax Melt
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Warm Vanilla Custard - Wax Melt

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My Peeps !!! is a yummy vanilla custard cake. It is a heavier base of vanilla blends, it’s simply delicious and the label is too cute.

We have the mini breakaway clamshell packets of wax tarts. They are scented just like the candle of the same name! They make trying new scents very affordable and are perfect to give as gifts.

It's really nice to enjoy the fragrance of our candles this way with no flame or to put them in a place in your home that you can’t burn a candle but want to have some fragrance.

Each mini square lasts approx 12-18 hours, but it depends on your bulb and how bright it is, but generally, you can smell them continuously for 12-18 hours 'til the scent cooks out.

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